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5 years from Present day.

Over the years, the world has witnessed a scaling graph in viral illnesses most of which have above 50% mortality rate. Where as natural immunity is the preferred resistance to these viruses, communities have to be prepared to adjust social and individual behaviour to successfully manage infections and outbreaks. In turn, this will give our specialists ample time to find an effective treatment or cure before the population is overrun. 

Contagious is an age 6+ quick fire (5min to 10min) 2 player 35 card PnP game that rivals 2 leaders trying to control a Viral outbreak in their communities. Players take turns discarding exposure cards (hand management) for the other player to control and drawing from decks to register infections(infection deck) or collect winning cards(main deck). There are 2 ways to complete/win: a player who accumulates 3 infections (out break) loses the game or a player who collects a set of 4 specialist or 3 specialist + 1 control cards wins the game. There are slight chances of a tie and don't be surprised,  this game can be over as soon as it just begun. 

Install instructions

Download the PDF print and play file. Card backs have been designed for easy duplex printing. Print page 1 with page 2, pages 3, 4 and 5 with page 6. Unlike the usual cutting from the back, the cut marks are on the card faces since we are trying to meet component standards for game jam. Remember to align the Infection cards with the black background contagious back.


Contagious Card Game for Game Jam
Non competition backs (Infection Deck page1 and Main Deck page2).pdf 1 MB

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